Sustainable tourism is an incredibly important topic for us.

We support local communities by only using small, owner operated business by which the tourism revenue generated, stays local and benefits the community. Wherever possible, trips begin from a point which is easily accessible by public transport therefore minimising the carbon footprint.

In order to do our part for the planet, we follow the below:
1) We do not print any documentation. All travel itineraries, confirmations and maps are sent via email. For the routes, we send a GPX file which is downloaded to your smartphone.
2) Our accommodation partners will only replace towels and sheets upon request if staying more than one night.
3) Where transport is provided from the trail to accommodation, the local partners are requested to arrive at the given time and wait time is limited. We are moving vehicles which will be all-electric.
4) We only ever use local suppliers - we do not partner with large companies.

We believe the course of developing sustainable tourism is a continual journey and we undertake constant assessment in order to implement best practises.